About us


Muziek voor een Leven is an organization of young and professional musicians who want to invest their art for the benefit of society. Our mission is to contribute for the development of musical education in The Netherlands and provide the therapeutically qualities of music for the ones in need, such as the elderly and sick people.

The goal of our concerts is also to uncover Armenian cultural heritage and great history by presenting Armenian composers to Dutch society.

What We Do:

  • Educational Concerts in Schools
  • Therapeutically Concerts in Hospitals
  • Concerts for the Elderly
  • Music Lessons for Children
  • Private concerts
  • Educational Workshops for children

By organizing these projects we provide young and professional musicians across the Netherlands the opportunity to present themselves in concert stages as well as teaching opportunities.

Our projects are mostly educational concert-workshops for children.

What are educational concert-workshops?

Step 1

A group of young musicians goes to a school together with a music teacher who presents the concert. The musicians play different classical pieces and the teacher explains in between the pieces about the instruments, composers and music theory in general. There is an interactive point in our concert-workshops. The teacher asks questions to the children and the children ask questions to the teacher. In this way children listen to a live classical concert, learn about music and get interested in classical music.

Step 3 (Musicians meet Parents)

It is also part of our project to inform parents about the advantages of music education and to help them finding music programes, teachers and workshops. In this way we help developing music education and increase the number of children studying music in The Netherlands. We also organize concerts in hospitals for sick people and for the elderly in retirement hosues. It is proven by science that music has a big therapeutic capacity.

Supporting the musical youth in The Netherlands

We support the young generation of musicians (mostly conservatory students) by providing them with this unique concert-workshop oppurtunities to develop themselves as musicians but also as citizens with a strong sense of social responsability. We collaborate with Dutch conservatories and involve every young musician interested in collaborating with us. Muziek voor een Leven started its activities in Maastricht but is rapidly expanding it’s activities all over the Netherlands.

Some of the musicians in one of the concert