General information

Name of organization: Stichting Muziek voor een Leven

RSIN: 853014425

Address: André Severinweg 12, Maastricht, 6214 PM, Netherlands

Email: [email protected]

Phone: <0634355529>

Goal of the foundation: Make music and culture accessible to all the population, with a focus on music education, music therapy and supporting the young generation of artists.

Main features of the current policy:

Muziek voor een Leven organizes music concerts and workshops with a focus on education, culture and youth development. We are one of the few organizations in Limburg creating a bond between culture, education, young talent and social participation


  • Artur Mouradian-voorzitter
  • Kristina Rimkeviciute –secretaris en pennigmeester
  • Jeroen Riemsdijk-board member
  • Ieva Dudaite-board member
  • Levon Mouradian-board member


available on the website


available on the website

How does the Stichting it’s funding?

Stichting Muziek voor een Leven depends on sponsorships, donations and fundraising to create its activities. The activities offered by the stichting are 100% free for the institutions (schools, hospitals and retirement houses).

How does the Stichting control the money?

The foundation manages Bank account number: 1923.41.243 Stichting Muziek voor een Leven, Rabobank.

At the end of the fiscal year (which runs from January 1 to December 31), the books are closed by the treasurer. From this, the annual accounts are drawn up consisting of the balance, profit and loss account, and financial statements. The board assesses and verifies the documents and approves the documents through a signing. After the approval of overview published on the website.

How the Stichting spends its money?

The foundation spends the funds on expenses such as:

  • Expenses with the musicians.
  • Marketing
  • Administration

The members of the board do not get payed a salary. The members of the board can only get money for expenses related to the activities of the stichting (up to the extent allowed by the Dutch Law).

How we want to grow

Stichting Muziek voor een Leven needs the Cultural ANBI Status in order to grow the number of concerts and activities and become one of the leading cultural institutions in the Netherlands creating a bond with youth, culture and music. We want to find as many as possible private and corporate sponsors to grow the number of our activities. It is part of our acknowledgment to offer music concerts to our sponsors.